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  • 7. August, Friedrichsrode, Gitarrentage
  • 29. Mai, Dresden, Martin-Luther-Platz
  • 30. April, Dresden Dreikönigskirche CD-Release
  • 29. April, Neustrelitz Alte Kachelofenfabrik CD-Release
  • 28. April, Cuxhaven Schloß Ritzebüttel CD-Release
  • 22. April, Leipzig die naTo CD-Release
  • 16. April, Dresden TJG
  • 8. März, Weißig


  • 22. November, Theater Putbus
  • 10. Oktober Kunsthof Friedrichsrode
  • 2. Juli Vietnamesische Botschaft Berlin
  • 23. Mai Hofkonzerte Klein Trebbow
  • 23. März Vietnamesische Botschaft Frankfurt am Main


  • 20. September Musikfest Erzgebirge Zschopau
  • 13. September Hygienemuseum Dresden
  • 11. Juli Kaßberg Musiknacht Chemnitz
  • 06. Juli Pesterwitz
  • 28. Juni Kunstscheune Vasenthien
  • 26. April Seifersdorf
  • 07. März Dresden


  • 31. Dezember Silvesterkonzert Neustrelitz
  • 25. Oktober Folk´n Fusion Hildesheim
  • 23. Oktober Berlin
  • 06. September Brückenfest Ludwigsfelde
  • 07. Juli TFF Rudolstadt
  • 06. Juli TFF Rudolstadt
  • 07. Juni Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin
  • 17. Mai WGT Leipzig
  • 04. Mai Neustrelitz
  • 03. Mai Musik zwischen den Welten Dresden


  • 08. Juni live im WDR Köln
  • 07. Juni Weltnachtfestival Bielefeld
  • 01. Juni Hellerau
  • 06. Februar Dresden


  • 26. November TransVocale Frankfurt/Oder
  • 21. Juni Dresden
  • 20. Mai Huxleys Neue Welt Berlin
  • 04. März Objekt 5 Halle
  • 08. Februar Dresden


  • 07. September 2010 Dresden


  • 03. November 2007 Höfgen
  • 21. Juni Dresden
  • 14. April Dresden
  • 05. März Düsseldorf


  • 04. Oktober Dresden
  • 04. September Dresden
  • 15. Juni Dresden



We are „Lao Xao Trio“ from Dresden, Germany. We are a „Chamber-worldmusic-Ensemble“ consisting of the vietnamese singer and percussionist Khanh Nguyễn, the guitarplayer Stefan Wehrenpfennig and the Celloplayer Diethard Krause. We deal with vietnamese Folktunes by playing and arranging them in a new creative way. For our work we've been honored several times: In 2011 we received the „Creole-Worldmusic-Award“, in summer 2013 we received the „Ruth-Worldmusic-Award“ - the most important award existing for worldmusic in Germany. Our album „Upon tree Đa“ has been nominated for the „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“ - Germany's most important award for records.

Stefan guitar, percussion, dan moi


Stefan Wehrenpfennig has studied guitar with the focus of Jazz-Rock-Pop and World Music in Dresden under the direction of Ralf Beutler, Stephan Bormann und Thomas Fellow and took part in numerous workshops (e.g. with Marc Ducret, Richie Beirach, Markus Stockhausen, Ferenc Snétberger, Sylvain Luc and Nguyên Lê). He is exposed to different musical influences from Jazz, Pop, Soul, Funk, and Latin Jazz in diverse formations. Lastly, Wehrenpfennig had the chance to cooperate with the Dresdner Philharmonie and to give concerts with Günter Baby Sommer. One of his outstanding skills is the capability to empathize with the most different styles of music very quickly and exceedingly aesthetically. He is extremely receptive to any kind of music, no matter whether Vietnamese folklore or Sicilian Tarantellas, Schubert, Free Jazz or Bach…

Khanh vocals, percussion, dan tranh


Khanh Nguyen, a daughter of Vietnamese parents, was born in Koblenz and is living in Dresden, where she had discovered her passion for singing. She is gathering extensive musical experience from performances with various ensembles and bands and from her tremendous repertoire reaching from classical standards in Jazz to Rock and Pop. In 2004 she began to study JazzRockPop-singing at the Hochschule für Musik Dresden and took lessons by Céline Rudolph, Janis Deyda-Teubert, Esther Kaiser, Nadia Maria Ollig and Thomas Groß. Inspired by Jazz, Rock, Pop and World Music, she started to write her own songs and increases her artistic capability by taking part in public rostrums like “Vocal Night” at the Jazzclub Tonne or “Bandsummit” at the Kleines Haus. Moreover, she sings in various projects, e.g. “Free Pop” (Duo with the guitarist Rüdiger Krause) and the Lao Xao Trio.

Diethard cello, dan bau


Diethard Krause has studied violoncello and viola da gamba in Dresden. In addition to participation in various projects in orchestra, chamber music and opera as well as free ensembles, he delves into musical influences from old music, JazzRockPop, the socalled World Music and improvisation. Playing the viola da gamba he took part at the Festival Mitte Europa, the Neuen Bachischen Collegium Musicum Leipzig at the Batzdorfer Hofkapelle. Moreover, he performed soloistic passages in Handels “Alcina” at the Semperoper Dresden. As a cello player he regularly participates in master classes of renowned violoncellists. He is substitute in the Dresdner Philharmonie and held a fixed term contract there. Presently, he studies in a postgraduate course for violoncello under the direction of Prof. Josef Schwab. (translation: Mathias Neitzke)

Our Albums:

"Upon tree Đa" and "Múa ô"

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Song of the bird Sáo

The dainty Bamboo

And the Wind wafts over the Bridge

Folk Song of the Black Horse

How can I order a CD / LP?

Simply send an email to info@laoxaotrio.com - or use our quick contact form. Please send us the following:
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How much is a CD / LP?

a CD costs 15 € plus Shipping
an LP costs 20 € plus Shipping
With an order of two media (2 CDs, 2 LPs or 1CD plus 1LP) the mailing expenses

How do I pay the CDs / LPs?

We trust you. You will receive the delivery of the order an invoice with all necessary information. Then you transfer the invoice amount.


To order a CD/LP send us an email with your adress! We will contact you to inform you about the price including the shipping costs - thank you!

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ReferenzenWeb Auszeichnungen
  • Creole Weltmusikpreis 2011
  • RUTH-Weltmusikpreis 2013
  • Album "Upon tree Da" nominiert für den Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik
Konzerte und Festivals
TFF Rudolstadt, WDR Köln, Huxleys Neue Welt Berlin, Musik zwischen den Welten Dresden, transVocale Frankfurt Oder, WGT Leipzig, Weltnachtfestival Bielefeld, Folk´n´Fusion-Festival Hildesheim, Musikfest Erzgebirge
„Traditionelle Musik aus Vietnam geht hier eine fantasievolle und betörende Synthese mit akustischem westlichem Jazz ein“ – Jury des RUTH-Weltmusikpreises
„Emotional beeindruckende musikalische Landschaften im Spannungsfeld zwischen Folk, Klassik und Jazz“ – Andreas Grosse, Musik zwischen den Welten
„Unerwartete Einsichten in exotische Klangräume“ – Creole



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